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12 Gauge Slug – Delta Arms Broker

12 Gauge Slug

12-gauge slug is a shotgun projectile made up of materials like copper, lead, or any other and is usually used in the game shotguns. These are designed for various purposes which include self-defense, hunting of large game, etc., and many other purposes. They were first introduced in 1898 by Wilhelm Brennecke. They are still in […]

Brass Shotgun Shells – Delta Arms Broker

Brass shotgun shells

You can buy Brass Shotgun Shells from Delta Arms Broker Weapon, one of the most easily reachable online weapons and ammunition stores. What makes shotguns a better choice for ammo lovers is the handling of them about which the user doesn’t need to worry about. They are ideal for users because they can stand rough […]

Minimum order amount is $280.00