The top best 9mm revolvers

9mm revolvers

Have you ever watched classic action movies where the hero has one of these vintage revolvers? The famous rolling of the chamber with bullets and aiming with one eye closed has always caught our attention as well. It has led many fans to scroll through our website and purchase the exact replicas of those seen in these movies. This is why we want these time-honored weapons to be available to you so you can also experience what it is like to feel like an old-fashioned hero.

Have you ever seen an advertisement ‘Ruger LCR 9mm revolver for sale’ and your thought lit up with excitement of owning your very own 9mm revolver?

Whether you are a fan of the classical action movies or you are intrigued by a 9mm revolver handgun, this is the right place for you.

Our website not only makes sure the clients have access to this prodigious type of firearm but is also determined to enlighten the clients with the knowledge they need to choose the best type of revolver, specifically the 9mm revolvers.


We will provide you with a list of advantages that come with 9mm revolvers when compared to other handguns.

  1. Malfunctions: almost nil. This also saves your time and money that is required in training and maintenance.
  2. Need for practice: This is the type of handgun that operates without ammunition which makes dry fire useful.
  3. Concealed carry: it is surprisingly easy to hide despite the fact that it has a cylinder loaded with bullets. Unlike the other handguns, the grip of the revolver is rounded and it doesn’t poke as far because it is also shorter.
  4. Economical: it is considered cost friendly due to its old make and model and the fact that it does not require any magazines and so the cost of magazines is also deducted.
  5. Tactical: a revolver is not dependent on having the right amount of grip in order to perform. It does not result in jammed gun as can happen in many of the autoloading guns. One massive advantage is that it does not depend on the strength on the pulling of the trigger, as long as you pull the trigger, it will fire every time.


A revolver has four major subsystems, they are as follows:
  • The Frame which contains main frame, trigger guard and the hand grip.
  • The cylinder, shaft on which it revolves, extractor and its shaft, return spring and the crane.
  • The Barrel which receives bullet from chamber when fired
  • The trigger which is pressed to dislodge the bullet aimed at the intended target

The magazine in revolvers is known as moon clips.


While we cannot begin to list all the revolvers, we aim to increase your understanding of some of the top best 9mm revolvers in the business. Following is the list of 9mm revolvers.

  1. 9mm revolver Ruger LCR
  2. Ruger SP-101
  3. Smith And Wesson revolver
  4. Ruger Redhawk
  5. Charter Arms Pitbull
  6. Taurus 905
  7. Smith & Wesson 625

Let us give you a little overview on the top 9mm revolvers we have to offer.

Ruger LCR: It is a wallet-friendly option with incredible quality, which gives you two in one benefit. It is lightweight (just over a pound) and can easily be strapped to your ankle or pocket. It has the capacity to hold five bullets in the cylinder. The best part is it often goes unnoticed when you carrying around.

Ruger SP-101: This 9mm revolver is considered an affordable and reliable option. It is quite strong with a comfortable rubber grip and it comes in different barrel lengths that is fit to your liking. This is an easy choice when your work is simple.

Smith and Wesson Performance Center Pro 986: This is one of the options from the Smith and Wesson family of handguns. It is loved by our clients for years and years. The advantage this type of 9mm handgun revolver has to offer is that you can tune it to your liking. We’ve noticed our clients pick this due to this smooth as butter trigger.

Ruger Redhawk: one of the best in the business for hunting game, big game. It is quite a powerful handgun which will eliminate any two-legged threat that comes your way.

Smith and Wesson 625 .38 special: Affordable option but heavy in weight. The reason why our clients tend to choose this is because of two models that it comes in, one being the JM model which is, you guessed it, Jerry Miculek, the greatest living revolver shooter designed it, and two, being the performance center model.


Being a company that is trusted by many all over the world, we would welcome you with open arms should you choose to shop with us.

We have a team of professionals at your disposal, making sure you are choosing the handgun which suits you best while keeping it within the realms of your wallet.

Having a shooting hobby shouldn’t be bothersome, especially when it comes to finding the right firearm.

If you type in ‘Ruger LCR 9mm revolver for sale’ and ‘9mm revolvers for sale, you will see a number of websites pop up on your browser. Another dilemma is choosing the right website, trusting the right company to deliver the goods on time. This is why, we believe we are the best choice for you and your shooting skills.

You can find us on our website which is extremely easy to navigate.

The wide range of firearms available through our website makes it easy for the clients to choose what they like, depending on the information given about each handgun.

To conclude, one of the reasons why our clients are long term is because we make sure they realize that customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and we aim to please you.

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