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Remington 1100 is a classic gun first introduced by Remington Arms in 1963. It is a shotgun with an auto-loading feature and is gas-operated. The size of its barrel varies from 18 to 30 inches. Though a classic model, it is still in production because of its popularity and useability. For this reason, Delta Arms Broker has brought you Remington 1100. To the amazement of many readers, Remington 1100 for sale is one of the popular queries made online for arms and ammo shopping. We have brought this gun available for you at a single click. Make a deal and take your gun home!

We believe in informing you about all the necessary details about this gun to ensure that is your gun of choice amongst the range available, not the one purchased haphazardly. It is available in various gauges which include gauges 12, 16, 20, and 28, along with that it is available in 410 bore. What makes it ideal for shooters is its being lightweight, being semi-automatic, and least chances of malfunction. It is one of the most sold semi-automatic shotguns in the US. Nowadays it is usually used for sporting and shooting purposes. Along with that its regular use by militaries and police has not ceased. It is used by the Mexican navy and the military police of Rio de Janeiro as regular arms.  

Remington 1100 16 gauge is one of the most liked shotguns in this range. They are rare because of their usefulness and precision. Though the most common type is gauge 12, 16 gauge is the best fit for target shooting because of the precision that it has. Gauge is determined in this shotgun on the basis of the lead balls’ number to weigh one pound in the equality to barrel bore. The barrel diameter of 16 is 0.662 inches and for it, there are 16 balls required to equal a pound. Though the concept of the gauge can be confusing for beginners, it is most important in the selection of guns. We, at Delta Weapon Store, have Remington 1100 for sale at affordable costs. We ensure that our products are of the best quality and you enjoy your use of arms.

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