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12 Gauge Slug

12-gauge slug is a shotgun projectile made up of materials like copper, lead, or any other and is usually used in the game shotguns. These are designed for various purposes which include self-defense, hunting of large game, etc., and many other purposes. They were first introduced in 1898 by Wilhelm Brennecke. They are still in use and this shows the century of its successful journey to the modern era. What makes it special is the retaining of the same design in modern slugs. Delta Arms Broker has brought you the 12-gauge rifled slug which is not only the best in quality but is also available at the best prices.  

Due to the versatile role of the shotgun, gauge slugs are very significant. 12-gauge slug gun uses these slugs where they not only carry their own weight but push the material set before it. It has raised ribs which is necessary for the easy movement of it, and it passes through the barrel with minimal friction. Shotguns are specifically made for the slugs and together they make a good combination making arms’ experience more pleasurable. 12-gauge rifled slug is one of the classic-based innovations which still has important shares in the market. The accuracy and range of 12-gauge rifled slug are phenomenal, and it is for this reason that they have an eminent place in the market. It is due to this slug that shotgun has rifle-like accuracy and can be used for multiple purposes.

If you are a 12-gauge shotgun user, then you will be well aware of the fact that it has a bore of about .73 inch which equals 18.55mm. The shells vary in size depending on the model of the shotgun. The range of shell size is about 2-1/2” to 2-3/4”. 12 gauge is used for its versatility and is a recommended shotgun for you, 12-gauge slug being complementary for it. What we can ensure is the quality and on-time delivery of the slugs you need.           

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